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Dr.Pretty's Designer Collection

This collection is for purchasing copyrighted artwork and or products designed and created by the Dr. All artwork is OWNED and Copyrighted, criminal penalties will apply

PYCO Pretty Young Collection

Welcome to the PYCO Club... ( Pee-Co) Where you will find exclusive limited collection items, straight from the designer herself Dr. Pretty C. Young. Her collection is for the exclusive members to be fabulous knowing there are only 12 pieces in the world of each product, unless it is an original piece. Quality & fine fabrics will only grace your skin, as she carefully selects the best. PYCO was designed with plus size ladies in mind, knowing that the PYCO Galore'z will be as fashionable if not better than the average woman. Go ahead and shop NOW for your PYCO exclusive piece.

Pre Game Official Sports

Pre Game Official Sportz Gear, was designed for all Individual and Team Sports. Offering all of the hottest Wear custom design just for you or your team. Pre Game wants to ensure you are Pre Game READY for the WIN. Let us Pre Game your apparel, cause If you LOOK GOOD, You FEEL GOOD, if You FEEL GOOD, You PLAY GOOD, if You PLAY GOOD, it PAY GOOD. D.Sanders LETS GOOOOOO...

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